Made from scratch, our scrumptious gourmet cupcakes aim
to please. We use imported Belgium Chocolate, whole
vanilla beans, seasonal fresh fruits, and only the freshest
butter and milk.  We are always striving to perfect our
recipes while coming up with new ones.

Varieties – We enjoy the challenge of customization. There
is almost nothing that we cannot do; everything from
capturing a child’s favorite character on top of a cupcake to
creating a cupcake wedding tier for three hundred; pick your
favorite flavors and let us make them a reality!

Price –  Our cupcakes range in price depending on filling,
frosting and decorative accents. The price is also
dependent on the size of cupcake you choose; from mini-to
jumbo. We can also include in your quote the rental fee for
cupcake stands or tiers for your next event.

Please contact us for a full menu and price list of our