Laura Vanderhook is a serial entrepreneur who has a passion
for creating companies that offer unique and innovative twists to
traditional products.  In 2008, Laura took her love affair with baking and
founded Lalalicious with a vision of creating mini-sweets that offers the
decadence and flavor of regular sized desserts but with the benefit of
eating the sweets in just one bite!
"Lala" in Lalalicious is her childhood nickname, and the
"licious" part is simply a shorter version of  "delicious."  :)
             The Signature Sweets that she has created bring together her
passion for baking with the presentation of a designer.  With a focus on
making the traditional desserts into a bite sized treat that everyone can
love, all while ensuring that the look and feel is as perfect as the
original sized treat!  Prior to Lalalicious, Laura founded a women’s
shoe and handbag line, Al Amirah, which focused on blending comfort
and a unique style that every women could appreciate. The Al Amirah
fashion line quickly grew into a successful business as boutiques
nationwide began carrying the products.
Laura Vanderhook
              Laura graduated from California State University, Fullerton in 2003 with a Bachelor of Arts in Communications. She lives in Irvine,
CA with her husband and her very furry dog, Hugo. Any time that Laura does not spend in the kitchen decorating cookies or cupcakes, she
can be found volunteering at a local charity, teaching Pilates, or training for a marathon.